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Google To Feature A Indian Student’s Doodle On Home Page

Google’s doodle for Children’s day was done by Akshay Raj, grade IX student from St. Aloysius High School, Mangalore.

Google has joined the nation as it gets ready to celebrate Children’s Day Today(November 15), the Homage will wear a new look, as Google unveils a doodle done by Akshay Raj, grade IX student from St. Aloysius High School, Mangalore.

The competition, Doodle 4 Google, conducted in September required students from classes I to X to submit their doodles on the topic ‘My Dream for India, along with a supporting statement. Chosen from over 108, 000 doodles submitted by students across the country, Akshay Raj doodle “Technically and Naturally Growing India” and was selected based on artistic merit, creativity, and expression of the theme. The winner Akshay Raj will receive a Technology Starter Package and an INR 2, 00,000 technology grant for his school St. Aloysius High School, Mangalore.

The doodle which was chosen by Dennis Hwang, the original Google Doodler, will be featured on Google’s Homepage as part of its Children’s day celebrations.


Google’s Doodle Pays Tribute To John Lennon On His Birthday

Google’s latest Interactive doodle is a tribute to John Lennon on his 70th Birthday.

Popular search engine Google has paid its tribute to musician John Lennon in the only way it knows by dedicating a doodle in memory on his 70th Birthday.

The Doodle initially shows a hill with Lennon’s animated face peering over and once clicked the Doodle opens to a 32-second animated video, which features a wispy seeds of a dandelion blowing away to morph into a black and white animation trees, leaves, and butterflies merging in to one another and in the end the word “Google.” is formed with Lennon’s signature glasses forming the double o’s in the word. The tune of the video is set to the iconic song “Imagine,”

Born in Liverpool on October 9 1940, Lennon was a member of the famed Beatles band that featured Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr. He was also successful after the band split, churning out hits after hits. But, he was tragically shot dead by Mark David Chapman outside his New York apartment on December 8 1980, in front of his wife Yoko Ono.

Google Instant Unveiled In India

Google’s latest innovation “Instant” has now reached Indian shores.

Google has not wasted any second to bring its “Instant” to Indian users. The latest innovation of Google “Instant” claims that it can save two to five seconds of a user’s time. The service displays search results continuously as the user keys in the search parameters along with auto-complete predictions, and scroll-to-search functionality.

Google already offers a feature that suggested popular search queries as a user typed a word in the search box, but the new feature actually delivers a complete page of search results as a search term is being typed. In addition to this Google has extended Instant to Google Books, videos, blogs and updates, and has launched keyboard shortcuts to navigate through the search results.

Google Returns To Stone Age

Google celebrates 5O years of The Flintstones, a popular cartoon show worldwide.

Google goes “Yabba-Dabba-Doo!” with its latest doodle. Flintstones have joined hands with Google to display a doodle on its homepage to celebrate 50 years of its production.

The Flintstones is a popular cartoons show worldwide. The show which made its debut on ABC Sept. 30, 1960, featured Fred and Wilma Flintstone, as well as Barney and Betty Rubble was set in the fictional town of Bedrock, where they shared their screen time with various dinosaurs, saber-toothed tigers, woolly mammoths and many other creatures — several of which served as appliances.

The cartoon show series chronicled popular culture and spotlighted icons of the day.Fred Flintstone was voiced by Alan Reed, Wilma and Pebbles by Jean Vander Pyl, Betty Rubble by Bea Benaderet for the first four years and then by Gerry Johnson, and Bamm Bamm by Don Messick. Barney Rubble and Dino the Dinosaur were voiced by Mel Blanc.

Here’s  Wishing Flintstones “A Happy Birthday”. Have a Yabba-Dabba-Doo! Time

Happy Birthday For Google

Google celebrates its 12th birthday by featuring a doodle of a cake with a single lighted candle.

Worlds’ most popular search engine has turned 12.Users around the world were surprised to see a doodle of a cake with a single lighted candle on their Google homepage. The doodle is Google’s way of commemorating the website’s completion of 12 years. The birthday cake has Google written on it in red letters and the letter “l” is a candle on the cake.

The site engine that found its place in our hearts was first registered as a domain name by Page and Brin in the year 1997.“Googol,” is a mathematical term for the number represented by the numeral 1 followed by 100 zeros.

The doodle that is far more simplistic than Google’s previous doodles, like that of Packman or buckyball, is a painting which has been reproduced by permission of VAGA, Visual Artists and Galleries Association is a work by artist Wayne Thiebaud, who is known for his association with the Pop Art movement, and his interest in painting everyday, ordinary objects which includes many cakes.

Google Introduces Two-step Authentication For Application Users

Google is all set to offer users extra security through the introduction of a two-step login verification process.

Google is all set to roll out a two-layer authentication for Google Apps, which automatically sends an additional password to a user’s mobile phone. The two-step verification feature will be available to Google Apps premier, education, and government customers and will soon be available to the hundreds of millions of individual Google users in coming months, as a built-in part of the free service.

The two-step authentication grants a extra layer of security to users, by requiring them to submit a combination of a password and a verification code provided through the users’ mobile phones. Users will have to type in their login name and password, and then he/she has to type in an additional code generated by a mobile application while trying to log-in.

Google users can also specify how they would like to have the code sent to them, either via text message or automated voice call, or through a Google Authenticator app they can download to their Android device, BlackBerry, or iPhone. The code is randomly generated and changes every few minutes. Google will send out authentication codes by SMS (Short Message Service) or voice message. The SMS service will be free and available in 19 countries.

Now Graph Your Google Activities

Google has unveiled a new application “Graph Your Inbox” that presents a visual graph of your e-mail activities on Google.

Designed by Bill Zeller, a Ph.D at Princeton University, “Graph Your Inbox” a Google Chrome extension will allow users to graph Gmail activity over time. The application provides the same search functionality used by Gmail, but instead of a list of messages Google will show you a graph of your email trends over time.Users can use it to visualize one communication with friends, your Facebook activity, when you purchased items on Amazon or how often you use certain words or phrases in the form of a graph. In this way one can keep a account of their activities through this tool.

Users can download and install the “Graph Your Inbox” for free and it doesn’t access any of your private data nor does it store passwords. And if you get bored you also have an option to disable it afterwards.

Google Searches Before You Type

Google will now suggest results even before you finish typing the search item

Search engine Google will now provide and display to users results from the moment they start typing.

The product, dubbed “Instant”, which will only be available for users logged into Google, will move instantly to a page of results that is updated as each letter is typed by users. According to Marissa Mayer, Google’s vice president of search and user experience, a typical searcher spends nine seconds entering a query, and 15 seconds searching for answers. Google hopes to shave two to five seconds per search using Google Instant.

“Google Instant gets queries and gives you search results as you type and streams those results to your computer,” marrisa said while launching their new product

She also added ” We are predicting what query you are likely to make and giving you results for that. There is actually a psychic element to it,”

Google To Work On Health Content Translation

Google has asked for volunteers to translate its health-related articles in Hindi and other local languages to provide online medical information to people from all walks of life. has launched a new initiative called Health Sparks to translate health related information into local languages like Arabic, Hindi and Swahili. The search giant said it has chosen hundreds of health articles, written in English, from Wikipedia for their translation. Volunteers who are bilingual in English and anyone of the vernaculars are being encouraged to translate the literatures with assistance from the Google Translator Toolkit.

Translators are also supposed to review the articles and make it locally relevant before publishing it on the corresponding local language Wikipedia site. The initiative aims to help increase the amount of high-quality online health information in local languages which started 5 days ago is beginning pilot projects to support community-based, crowd-sourced translation of health information from English into Arabic, Hindi and Swahili.

Pilot programmes are supported with a donation incentive, awarding local charities with funds based on the number of words volunteers translate, Google said in a statement. For the first 60 days, Google will donate 3 US cents (about 45 paise) to the Public Health Foundation of India, New Delhi, for each English word translated in Hindi. The maximum donation would USD 50,000.

Google Launches Site Based On Real Time Search Engine

Google has launched a real-time search website that will feature comments and postings from Twitter and Facebook.

Google has unveiled a new website that allows users to surf through news, comments and other information on the Internet in real time, letting them follow conversations on social network hubs such as Facebook and Twitter in one place. Users can even narrow the search to find out what people are saying on various subjects in different locations or languages.

The Google Realtime Search’ which can be accessed here at According to Google, with its new “full conversation” feature, users will now be able browse the entire conversation in a single glance. The tweets are even organized from the oldest to newest, so as to allow users to know how the conversation developed. Google has also worked on its Google Alerts to provide users with an E-mail alerting them the moment the topic appears on Twitter and Facebook.

Google has tied up with Facebook and Twitter to provide “Real-time Search” service.

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