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Gmail enables Sending emails in Background

Shows warning in case of any error to fix it

Google’s Gmail Labs is known for making nifty tweaks to the email service and thereby making it more efficient. This time, Google has added a new Background Send feature in Gmail Labs that lets users carry on with other tasks while the emails will continue being sent in background.

New Background Send feature can be enabled by accessing the Gmail Labs options available in Settings. Once you’ve enabled it, all you have to do is hit Send after you’ve composed an email and then carry on checking other emails.

Here’s a condition which indeed is important – browser tab/window needs to be active while sending email. Means you need to be logged in and must have an active connection. Enabling Background Send, hitting Send button and then simply shutting down the PC or Mac won’t guarantee that your mail has been sent.

In case the recipients address is not correct or if there’s any other issue while sending an email in background, Gmail will show a warning message on top of your Inbox. The warning message will offer you an option to fix it instantly or fix it later. On a successful dispatch of messages, user will receive text – your message has been sent, just above the Inbox.

What we can notice here is that slowly, Gmail is acting like a proper application with background sending of messages. Though it’s not more of a visual effect, it’s still quite an implementation.

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Gmail gets Background Customization Feature

Now, customize your Inbox

Google has added yet another eye-candy feature to its web-based email service – Gmail. Over two years ago, Google had added themes in Gmail which certainly impressed several users, geeks and Gmail loyalists. Today onwards, Google will let you customize your Gmail with any image or your own custom image for the background. Yes, you can customize your Gmail with Kelly Clarkson‘s wallpaper, Dark Knight Rises Poster, or even a photo of your own. Wonder why took Gmail so long to introduce this feature.

Do note that adding a huge image to your Gmail background might make your web browser a wee bit slower. To customize background image on Gmail, go to Themes Tabs in Settings or just click here to go there directly in Gmail.

In the Themes tab, the last option is “Create your own theme” where you must click and a pop-up window will show up. Over there, you’ll get a wireframe like snapshot of your Gmail, where you can customize the different areas with the colors of your choice. Click on the small box on top left corner of that window to give you a drop-down menu about colors and an option to upload image.

Check out the image below to find the upload image option where in you can pull image from Picasa or upload directly from your computer.

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Facebook Comments, Now On Over 50K Sites, Get More Social With Latest Upgrade

Facebook Comments, which people either love or hate, have just been amped up by Facebook, to increase the ever elusive “user engagement,” which just means get more traffic. We’ve been using Facebook Comments for about a month, and I am personally thrilled at the improved quality of discussion, despite being bothered by annoyances like not being able to edit into comments.

According to Facebook, Facebook Comments are now on over 50,000 websites including us, NBC and Sure is a start, Facebook’s got a long way to go if it wants to dominate the commenting space. While it made some needed adjustments today, there’s still more work that needs to be done.

Here are the new features added in today’s upgrade:


Users can now access each comment by its permalink, allowing users to share and a respond to specific comments more easily. Comment notifications in the Facebook newsfeed also direct back to specific comments, which is awesome because the alternative is pretty disorienting.

Comments API

Facebook is also providing an API so site owners can search and rank their comments, like highlight interesting and popular comments, reward top commenters or segment comments around a specific topic, like Apple or startups.

More social context in the newsfeed

Developers now also have the option of adding meta-tags to include more information about a story in commenters Facebook newsfeeds, including any images involved, title and description. Facebook holds that this optimization will increase click through because users will feel more drawn to specific stories.

Darker color scheme

Facebook is also offering a darker color scheme for darker websites, so developers with darker sites don’t have to have mismatched commenting systems. I’m actually pretty surprised no one thought of this sooner.

For trolls people clamoring for alternate ways to log in, Hotmail accounts have been added as a third-party login option along with Aol and Yahoo, but more interestingly there’s no mention of adding Gmail and Twitter which were slated to also be options pre-launch and then somehow mysteriously disappeared.

Great. So those without a Facebook account are good to login if they’re planning on doing so from 1998. See what I mean about “more work that still needs to be done”?

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Google Apologizes for Not Protecting User Privacy

It is now liable for independent reviews of its privacy procedures every two years for the next two decades

Last year, Google Buzz was blamed for failing to protect user data and accessing contacts books of users.

Google Appliance as shown at RSA Expo 2008 in ...

Image via Wikipedia

Google Buzz social network built inside Gmail turned out to be first ever privacy

protection horror for the company. Now, Google has finally

made peace with the Federal Trade Commission and apologized for the mistakes made with the Buzz service and ensured that the new privacy procedures would protect the interests of users. Too late for it, I suppose, as several users must have already stopped using it.

Privacy Group had filed a complaint with the FTC accusing Google for following ‘deceptive privacy practices’. The FTC stated that Google has violated the FTC Act by not informing the users about the privacy measures and didn’t offer them an option to decline or leave the social network service. Also, Google failed to obtain user’s permission to enable Buzz social network in advance.

Jon Leibowitz, Chairman of the FTC, said in the release: “This is a tough settlement that ensures that Google will honor its commitments to consumers and build strong privacy protections into all of its operations.”

Alma Whitten, Direct of Privacy (Product & Engineering) with Google, stated on its official blog:

Today, we’ve reached an agreement with the FTC to address their concerns. We’ll receive an independent review of our privacy procedures once every two years, and we’ll ask users to give us affirmative consent before we change how we share their personal information.

Google will implement a new privacy program and will also be liable for independent reviews of the privacy procedures every two years for the next two decades. WHOA! That’s a big one. So basically, Google goofed up over privacy, accepted its mistake and is now moving on.

Recently, Facebook‘s privacy debacle forced it to create a simplified privacy policy. We hope both the giants will ensure not to goof up on users privacy anymore.

Gmail gets New Smart Labels

Aims to remove the clutter from your overloaded Inbox

Gmail, the email service by Google, already has Labels for organizing and categorizing the emails with the help of custom filters. Google has now announced new Smart Labels feature for Gmail available via Labs in Settings. The new Smart Labels will allow users to organize messages in Bulk, Notifications and Forum messages. These Smart Labels filter out those messages by default.

Life becomes so much better when all subscribed newsletters, promotions and forum messages get filtered automatically without creating special filters for each of them. At the moment, Gmail Labs in Settings offers the option to activate Smart Labels for your Gmail Inbox.

Following are the three new Smart Labels:

  • Bulk: mails that include any kind of mass mailing (such as newsletters and promotional email) and gets filtered out of your inbox by default (where you can easily read it later)
  • Notifications: messages sent to you directly (like account statements and receipts)
  • Forums: filters email from group mailing lists from different forums

On the official Gmail blog, Google states, “On the Filters tab under Settings, you’ll find that these filters can be edited just like any others. From there, you can also edit your existing filters to avoid having them Smart Labeled or change whether mail in a Smart Label skips your inbox.”

The new Smart Labels certainly turn out to be quite helpful in cleaning up your Inbox and showing you emails from your business or personal contacts as well as friends and family.

Google bug disables 150000 Gmail accounts

Yesterday around 150000 Gmail users account were disabled by the Google system. They lost all their emails, attachments and chat logs. Google explained that approximately 0.08% of its users were affected by this bug. This bug reset all these accounts and even sent them the Google start up mail that any new user of Gmail receives.

Google reported on its dashboard that the engineers are working to get the problem fixed and restore full access. When the Google spokesman was contacted, a clear message was sent across stating that all the mails and accounts would be restored. Though many users are still apprehensive about the fact that all their messages would be restored.

Meanwhile others are advised to take precautions and store a backup of all their emails. There is a free application for Mac, PC and Linux called Gmail Backup. This is quick and easy to use. After downloading this software, Google asks for your account details and begins backing up your emails securely. Users have suggested various other sites for backing up their emails as many found that this software is not supported with Mac. Some of the popular ones are and

Manage Multiple G-Mail Accounts With The New Feature

Now G-mail users can easily manage multiple Gmail accounts without signing in and out of Gmail and switching accounts manually using the new exciting feature of Google called the E-mail delegation. Gmail Delegation is not specifically for business. Families sharing one e-mail account will find it useful.

Originally, e-mail delegation was useful for granting others access to user’s primary Gmail account but with the new change, it is going to be more useful for any Gmail user with multiple accounts of his or her own. Users have to simply navigate to their your Gmail settings by clicking the link in the top right corner of Gmail’s web interface and go to the Accounts tab, wherein they will find a new section entitled, “Grant access to your account.” Here users can add any other Gmail accounts which they need to personally use.  . Once the account is successfully added, you can simply toggle between your Gmail accounts without logging in and out. Also, when the users send a new e-mail message while signed into a secondary account, their primary address will also appear in the e-mail details.

Gmail Application Now in 44 Languages

Very soon after Gmail mobile web application got a trendy update at the end of October with HTML5 freshness, Google Mobile Team has added multi-lingual support to glue people with Gmail as a web application on iOS devices rather than using the native Mail Application. It offers support for 44 different languages in its HTML5 Web App based Gmail interface. This would definitely tempt users to read conversations in their desired language.

However, this new language support is limited to Apple iOS and Google Android OS powered mobile devices only. These devices need to be set accordingly to receive the messages and mails. By default, the new Gmail for mobile web will work on all versions of Android phones and iOS devices running iOS 2.2.1 update or higher.

Facebook Might Launch Project Titan to Jab Gmail

The social network giant is expected to launch an email service to take a bout against Google

Facebook has reportedly sent out invitations for a special invite-only event to be held on November 15 at St. Regis Yerba Buena Terrace in San Franscisco, US. Michael Arrington, founder and co-editor of TechCrunch is betting that Facebook will unveil a new web-based email client codenamed Project Titan at this event. Internally, Project Titan is referred as “Gmail Killer” and is said to bring email address backed by domain name. Do you think Facebook can take over something as big as Gmail? Well, probably not but read on.
Earlier this month, Google had updated its API Terms of Service that allowed easy export as well as import of Contacts to a service or application only if the same is reciprocated. In a way, Google shut down Facebook’s access to pull contacts from Gmail to protect the user

data. To battle that, Facebook came up with a work around to download Gmail contacts as CSV files and then upload it to Facebook. Google wasn’t happy with Facebook’s move and criticized Facebook for not letting users get their Friend Lists and email addresses out of Facebook.
This is not the first time both companies stood against each other for Friends/Contacts exchange matters. Back in 2008, Facebook suspended Google Friend Connect as the latter started re-distributing user information from Facebook to other th

ird party developers without any user knowledge. Looks like that wound didn’t heal even after more than two years have passed. But in a way, Google is correct for not letting a service simply take away Gmail contacts and not offering something in return to Google. All Google is asking Facebook to do is to let users pull out Contacts and Friends from Facebook to Gmail. Practice what you preach.

Now, to respond back to Google and kill the whole data protection issue, Facebook is rumored to launch its own email service with domain. It’s pretty unlikely to kill Gmail but if Facebook launches its own email service, it would be interesting to see how other popular web-mail service providers react.

Facebook chat integration in several mobile apps has certainly made many Facebook users happy. But when Facebook Chat is used in the web interface, it’s not that comfortable to use. Though the invitation obviously points that a new email/messaging service is on the anvil, I think Facebook might give a facelift to its Chat service. A much deserved facelift for users who have thousands of known and unknown friends. If Facebook chat is revamped with the ability to share photos, links and files, it will actually lead to loads of users remaining logged into Facebook for longer hours.

However, as of now, we have no confirmation on Facebook’s deal. We’ve got to wait till November 15 for Facebook’s official announcement.

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