Twitter brings HTTPS Security Protocol Across Site

Opt-in security setting already available to users

Popular micro-blogging style social network Twitter has announced that it will add extra security settings for the users. Today onwards, Twitter users would be getting an option to choose HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) for the web interface as well as number of clients meant for the service. Twitter has followed the footsteps of Facebook, Gmail, and Hotmail for offering basic HTTPS security protocol for protecting the user’s account login details and against other attacks.

People tend to use social networks over unsecured or poorly-protected Wi-Fi networks without being aware about the possible ill-effects of the same. Hence the web mail services and the popular social networks offer the HTTPS protocol as part of security setting so that login credentials of users don’t get hijacked. The FireSheep plugin uncovered how easily one could steal login details.

From today onwards, Twitter web interface users will get a new security setting under the Settings option – Always use HTTPS checkbox, at the bottom of the page. After you’ve checked the box, your login details and sessions at Twitter web interface would be secured. By default, the HTTPS security setting hasn’t been enabled and hence we would advice you to enable it.

Several Twitter clients have already got the HTTPS protocol setting by default. Apart from that, official Twitter for iPhone and iPad Apps will get “Always use HTTPS” setting. However, the new enabling HTTPS protocol setting isn’t forced on the mobile web interface. That means you’ll have to type out <> to use the secured HTTPS connection. Twitter promised that it will work on making the option default for mobile platform as well. For all those using third-party services and clients, ensure that it offers HTTPS security setting.


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