Facebook rolls out New Messages, Email IDs

Popular social networking site Facebook has started rolling out its revamped Messages Inbox and offers a chance to grab your own Facebook email address. Revamped Messages feature is like a unified Inbox for all your messages received via Email, Chat, SMS or Facebook Message. This feature upgrade is invite-only and available to those who had applied for Facebook.com email address back in November 2010. Others might have to wait for couple of days or weeks for it.

New Messages is touted to be a unified Social Inbox for the users who’ve claimed their Facebook email address. On logging in to Facebook, you’ll be greeted with an pop-up message – Upgrade to the New Message.

Click on ‘See What’s New’ button and it will take you to a page that describes what new Messages inbox will offer. Hit the Upgrade Now button on the same page and you’ll be taken to the new Messages inbox.

All the Facebook messages you’ve received so far will appear in stacked format with Senders name and message description below it. However, at this point you’re supposed to get Facebook email so click on Next button that shows up in pop-up pane under ‘Claim your Facebook email’ option.

You’re now ready to use your Facebook email which comprises of your Facebook vanity URL username. That means, if your Facebook profile vanity URL is http://www.facebook.com/firstname.lastname, then your Facebook email address would be firstname.lastname@facebook.com. That’s right – whatever is your username for the vanity URL becomes your Facebook email.

Once you’ve claimed your Facebook email, you can setup text messaging to send and receive messages via SMS in this new Messages inbox. Choose appropriate carrier service as in India, Aircel and Tata Indicom has exclusive partnership with Facebook and rest would be listed under ‘Other Carrier’ option.Send an SMS from your phone with letter F to number – 9232232665 to get the confirmation code.

On receiving the code via SMS, enter it in the text messaging box to confirm and activate text messaging.

New message compose option will now let you add just the recipient’s name, type the text and then attach a file or a photo. Alternatively, you can choose an option to send it as a text message to the recipient.

All your past messages will appear in a threaded conversation manner. Active quick reply mode by checking the box next to the Enter key symbol and then you won’t have to hit the Reply button every time. This could be bit annoying for people who’ve habit of pressing enter after ever sentence. But hey, the feature indeed is interesting. You can send an upgrade invite to your friends who haven’t got the new Messages.

For those who’ve got new Messages, please let us know your experience with them. Do update us if you notice any bugs or errors.

Coustry — ” http://www.techtree.com/India/News/Facebook_rolls_out_New_Messages_Email_IDs/551-114175-643.html



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