An Innovative Chip Makes Your Desktop 20 Times Faster!

Inventions make our life easy. But innovative inventions make it even easier. The latest ultra-fast chip can be undoubtedly one of the groundbreaking technological innovation by the University of Glasgow leading to a new age of high speed computing. Yes this chip is capable of making desktop computers 20 times faster than the current ones. The team from this University has developed a central processing unit which effectively has 1,000 cores on a single microchip.

According to sources, the scientists who invented this chip earlier used a Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) which is microchips that contains millions of transistors. But these FPGAs could only be configured into specific circuits by the user, rather than their function being set at a factory. This enabled the scientists to divide up the transistors within the chip into small groups and ask each to perform a task. By creating more than 1,000 minicircuits within the FGPA chip, the scientists effectively turned the chip into a 1,000-core processor each core working on its own instructions.

Complaining whines about slow computers will soon vanish in thin air.


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