Google Celebrates 115th Birthday Of The X-Ray

Google’s new doodle celebrates the invention of the X-ray’s.

It is truly the discovery of the century and what better way to show appreciation than have a Doodle dedicated to it by Google.

Search Engine Google’s latest doodle is dedicated in appreciation of X-ray’s discovery and its usefulness. The doodle which features a transparent Google in the form of bones and a few ‘other’ items comes with an eerie blue glow, whose brightness increases and decreases back and forth.

Discovered by German scientist Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen, in 1895, X ray’s are a form of radiation composed of rays and the most common use is in diagnostic radiography. Google seems to act as reminder to things that we often take for granted, though unlike previous doodles which are often interactive (Packman, John Lennon),the recent one only glows and users who click on them will obviously be lead to search results based on X-ray’s.


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