Now A Software To Detect Sleepy Drivers And Warn Them

German researchers are working on software that will detect and warn sleepy drivers.

Researchers in German are working on a new software that will help in deducting sleepy drivers and also warn them to stay off roads. To be developed by Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology, Eyetracker, a driver assist safety system that monitors facial features, and delivers an audible warning whenever the driver appears sleepy.

The system uses two cameras to monitor the pupils’ positions, and then watches for changes in a person’s line of vision. Utilizing up to six dashboard-mounted cameras with compact 3 to 4 millimeters lenses, the Eyetracker system processes up to 200 images per second to detect sleepiness using parameters like line of vision and eyelid position, irrespective of the spatial position of the driver’s head. he self-contained control unit is about the size of a matchbox, which means it could easily fit under a seat or in a console and can be installed anywhere in the car without much effort.

The researchers are planning to showcase the gadget at the VISION trade fair in Stuttgart to show how Eyetracking works in the field. Until that the product won’t be commercially available.


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