Google’s Doodle Pays Tribute To John Lennon On His Birthday

Google’s latest Interactive doodle is a tribute to John Lennon on his 70th Birthday.

Popular search engine Google has paid its tribute to musician John Lennon in the only way it knows by dedicating a doodle in memory on his 70th Birthday.

The Doodle initially shows a hill with Lennon’s animated face peering over and once clicked the Doodle opens to a 32-second animated video, which features a wispy seeds of a dandelion blowing away to morph into a black and white animation trees, leaves, and butterflies merging in to one another and in the end the word “Google.” is formed with Lennon’s signature glasses forming the double o’s in the word. The tune of the video is set to the iconic song “Imagine,”

Born in Liverpool on October 9 1940, Lennon was a member of the famed Beatles band that featured Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr. He was also successful after the band split, churning out hits after hits. But, he was tragically shot dead by Mark David Chapman outside his New York apartment on December 8 1980, in front of his wife Yoko Ono.


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