Microsoft Unveils Beta Version Of Explorer

The beta version of Microsoft’s Internet Explore 9 was launched today.

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 9 is all set to compete with Google chrome, with the launch of its beta version. The new version of IE is not merely an updated version, but rather a major overhaul of the interface and back-end coding to improve usability, security, and speed.

Knowing pretty well that its competitors like chrome and firefox are a step ahead of them because of their speed, they have improved the download speed of their websites. In addition to offering support for HTML5 and CSS3 thanks to hardware acceleration the IE9 uses the PC’s graphics chip, built to render video and games as quickly and flawlessly as possible, to display website graphics much faster than running them through the computer’s main CPU chip.

The new, improved download manager of IE9 allows you to pause and continue downloads and has been redesigned to include reputation-based security which will eliminate security warning pop-up boxes for downloads of popular files and those from trusted vendors.IE9 will also includes a private-browsing mode, called InPrivate, that doesn’t store a users browser history, nor does it save any cookies of the sites a user visit’s while in private mode

The beta version of IE9 is now available in 33 languages worldwide for download. So, what are you waiting for? Go and check it out!!


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