Google Searches Before You Type

Google will now suggest results even before you finish typing the search item

Search engine Google will now provide and display to users results from the moment they start typing.

The product, dubbed “Instant”, which will only be available for users logged into Google, will move instantly to a page of results that is updated as each letter is typed by users. According to Marissa Mayer, Google’s vice president of search and user experience, a typical searcher spends nine seconds entering a query, and 15 seconds searching for answers. Google hopes to shave two to five seconds per search using Google Instant.

“Google Instant gets queries and gives you search results as you type and streams those results to your computer,” marrisa said while launching their new product

She also added ” We are predicting what query you are likely to make and giving you results for that. There is actually a psychic element to it,”


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  1. Great post ,,keep it up. Cheers!

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