Telemarketers To Face Ire Of Indian Government

The Telecommunication ministry is all set on convene a meeting of all telecom operators to stop telemarketing nuisance.

Telemarketers have gotten themselves in quite a fix while trying to sell their schemes to the Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee. Apparently Pranab Mukherjee was in the midst of talks with opposition leaders on Monday in an effort to break the logjam in Parliament. That’s when his mobile phone rang. Thinking it was an important call Mukherjee answered his phone. However it turned out to be a telemarketer trying offer a home loan, fuming the minister cut his call.

And now thanks to this call the Communications and IT Minister A. Raja has written a note to Telecom Secretary P.J. Thomas, asking him to seek a reply from the operators what action they have taken to stop this nuisance, which he termed “intrusion of privacy” of subscribers.

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) has made several attempts to curb unsolicited commercial calls, including creating a ‘Do Not Call Registry’ but without much success.

Mr. Raja telecommunication minister said “A wide range of products and services is nowadays offered through telemarketing which results in inconvenience and disturbance to telecom consumers. These calls are made at any time of the day encroaching on the privacy of consumers,”

According to senior ministry officials, a meeting of all service providers could be convened at the earliest to take steps to prohibit such calls.


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