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Microsoft To Unveil Beta Version Of Explorer 9 in September

The Beta Version of Microsoft Web browser Explorer 9 will be launched on September 15.

As Microsoft sets to complete 15 years, it is looking unto web browser explorer 9 to gain its sagging popularity among Internet users. The company has marked September 15th for the launch of its Beta version of its latest Internet Explorer version 9.

To be launched in a press conference titled “The Beauty of the Web.” the company will send invites to select group of VIP web developers, designers, bloggers and press for the launch event in San Francisco. The new browser boasts of compatibility with HTML-5 thus leaving out flash, with HTML5, a web-standard platform can be used that requires no plug-ins. Also, IE9 uses the power of the user’s graphics processor to accelerate web content. Microsoft has also worked on its JavaScript Engine giving it a much-needed upgrade, considering how badly IE lagged behind competitors in JavaScript performance tests.

Unfortunately the browser Explorer 9 only works on Windows Vista or Windows 7 and is not compatible with Windows-XP.


Soon Google To Hit Theatres

A movie on Google creators Larry Page and Sergei Brin will soon hit Theatre screens.

Internet search giant Google is all set to tower the box office with a movie on its creators Larry Page and Sergie Brin. Based on the book Googled: The End of the World As We Know It by Ken Auletta. The book chronicles the rise of Google into the company it is today. The movie will focus on the Google’s founding principles “don’t be evil”.

According to Deadline Hollywood, Michael London’s Groundswell Productions teamed with the producer John Morris to acquire rights to the book. When further quizzed about the movie producer Michael London said “It’s about these two young guys who created a company that changed the world, and how the world in turn changed them. The heart of the movie is their wonderful edict, don’t be evil. At a certain point in the evolution of a company so big and powerful, there are a million challenges to that mandate. Can you stay true to principles like that as you become as rich and powerful as that company has become?,”

The announcement of the movie comes close to the heels of another online based  movie “The Social Network” based on the Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg, which stars Justin Timberlake and will hit theatres by the end of this year.

Oxford To Stop Printing Dictionaries

The next edition of the Oxford English Dictionary may not be printed because of fall in book sales due to Internet.

Oxford University Press (OUP), publishers of the Oxford English Dictionary may not print the next edition of their dictionaries due to fall in sales and may be available only on print. The Dictionary is losing out its readers to online alternatives. The latest dictionary though will be available in its online version (OED) like the previous edition, which receives two million hits a month from subscribers who pay an annual fee of £240.
Oxford University press also gets royalty payments from Google, which uses an unbranded Oxford dictionary in its search engine.

According to Nigel Portwood, the chief executive of Oxford University Press “The print dictionary market is just disappearing, it is falling away by tens of percent a year,”

The latest edition of the dictionary prepared by a team of 80 lexicographers, which will contain words like vuvuzela- made famous in the recent football world cup- will only go to print if there is enough demand for the printed volume when it becomes ready.

Now YouTube To Feature Full Length Movies

YouTube has launched a free movie service that will feature full length movies.

YouTube has joined hands with, British online film and TV aggregator, and US studios like Lionsgate, MGM and Sony Pictures to provide users with full length feature films. Users of you tube will now be able to view movies from a catalog of full length 400 movies that include both Hollywood and Bollywood flicks. Available at, the movies are divided into categories of Documentary, Action/Adventure, Bollywood, Horror, comedy and animation, the movies are shown free of cost though one will have to pay for the Internet charges.

YouTube plans to provide a mixture of recent hits and cult classic movies for its users. According to Donagh O’Malley, Head of Video Partnerships, YouTube told Guardian, “This is one of many efforts to ensure that people can find all the different kinds of video they want to see, from bedroom vlogs and citizen journalism reports to full-length films and TV shows. This is a first step.”

Google Launches Site Based On Real Time Search Engine

Google has launched a real-time search website that will feature comments and postings from Twitter and Facebook.

Google has unveiled a new website that allows users to surf through news, comments and other information on the Internet in real time, letting them follow conversations on social network hubs such as Facebook and Twitter in one place. Users can even narrow the search to find out what people are saying on various subjects in different locations or languages.

The Google Realtime Search’ which can be accessed here at According to Google, with its new “full conversation” feature, users will now be able browse the entire conversation in a single glance. The tweets are even organized from the oldest to newest, so as to allow users to know how the conversation developed. Google has also worked on its Google Alerts to provide users with an E-mail alerting them the moment the topic appears on Twitter and Facebook.

Google has tied up with Facebook and Twitter to provide “Real-time Search” service.

Bengaluru Hosts Space Exhibition

Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) and the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) have put together a four day space exhibit Bengaluru Space Expo 2010 which starts from today.

The second edition of the international space exhibition andconference began in India’s Tech hub Bangalore today. Jointly organized by the Confederation of Indian Industry and Indian Space Research Organization Bengaluru Space Expo 2010 will be held for four days starting today.

To be held at Bangalore International Exhibition Centre. The expo will showcase the latest technological advances, equipments, software solutions, related products and technical services in the space and related sectors. In addition to that a concurrent three-day international conference on “World Space-Biz” will also be held to deliberate on topics such as commercialization of space, remote sensing and navigation, where speakers from global space agencies and industry would put forth their views and discuss solutions and agendas for future.

The expo will attract delegations from dozen countries, including Britain, Denmark, France, Indonesia Israel, Japan, Korea, Thailand and the US. Space Companies like Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, Larsen & Toubro, EADS Astrium, Glonass-Russia,Dish TV, Godrej & Boyce, BrahMos, MEASAT, SES World Skies, Asia Broadcast Satellite and Devas Media will also feature during the four day space Expo.

Facebook Races Ahead Of Orkut In India

Market researchers have rated Facebook as the most favorite rate as compared to Orkut that has come in second.

Though Facebook reached India late, it seems to be the latest “in” thing. Market researcher’s comScore’s latest report states that Facebook has won the number one rank with 20.9 million visitors in July while Orkut on the other hand recorded 19.9 million visitors in the same year.

The 3rd rank was taken by, a social utility that aims to bring together young Indians living across the globe while Yahoo Pulse with 3.5 million visitors bagged the fourth place. While twitter which has become the latest fad among celebrities managed to get only 3.3 million visitors in the country, putting it in fifth place.

Facebook has apparently built its 500 million fan base with the help of its intuitive user interface, variety of games and applications like FarmVille, FishVille, Mafia Wars, Sudoku and many more, Facebook has also built up a image of being cool and the combination of these facts have made it India’s most favorite social networking site.

Google Revamps Its Social Networking Site

Orkut a social networking site has revamped its site in a bid to attract new users.

Facebook is on a all time high with a 500 million strong user base which includes celebrity users, the site seems to be improving day-by-day bringing in a host of new applications and software’s. Orkut on the other hand is losing its users but refuses to go down without a good fight.

Orkut has brought in brand new settings to attract its losing fan base and to cater to a new set of users. The new settings introduced are –

  • Now Orkut users can send multiple similar scraps to people from their account
  • Users can select a set of friends and form a private group, where scraps sent to these members can be viewed only by them.
  • Orkut will now suggest friend groups based on past interactions by the user so that the entire process of making individual groups is made easier

Orkut is also planning to revamp its existing services like updates, improved birthday display, more games and applications from the homepage.


C-DAC To Promote Measures On Cyber Security

Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (CDAC) is all set to fight cyber crime by conducting workshops and creating awareness among laymen.

Information Security Education and Awareness (ISEA) is the brainchild of Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (CDAC) and the Department of Information Technology to address the issues of cyber security among Indian users. Rise in criminal activity online all over the country has led to the creation of the program which aims to spread awareness among students, teachers, home users and government non-IT professionals on how to be secure while online.

Development of Advanced Computing or C-DAC, the R&D organization of the Department of Information Technology (DIT), plans to hold a series of workshops for schools, government officers and individuals. Trainers from CDAC will enlighten them on phishing, identity theft, mobile security and a range of tools available for security. The presentations in the workshops include guidelines on various Internet security aspects as well as awareness on how cyber attacks happen and how one can be protected. Animated short awareness films will also be used to demonstrate the objective to school children easily.

The project started in June 2010, by C-DAC Knowledge Park Centre in Bangalore will include 500 officials from C-DAC who have volunteered to spread the awareness by conducting ISEA workshops at schools and government departments.

Centre Wants RIM To Install Servers In India

The Government of India expects Blackberry makers to build servers in the country to monitor data passed on by the handset.

The Government of India has asked Research In Motion to install servers in India or else to close shop by the end of this month.

Research In Motion have offered a solution where specific or suspicious numbers could be given to them and they would in turn decrypt the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) and BlackBerry Enterprise mail Service (BES) of the smart phones in question, sources in the Telecom Ministry said.

However, the proposal was rejected as the telephone numbers given for monitoring could be in danger of exposing the source to an outside company and thus cause a threat to the country, the information transferred also posed a risk of being hacked.

The centre apparently has told the BlackBerry makers that they should deploy their interception server in India with the Indian Service Provider having a definitive tracking system before August 31 or else they must stop the service.

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