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Google To Make Signatures More Stylish

Google has now given users a set of new options that allows one to set their personal custom signatures that may include images as well.

Previously Greasemonkey scripts for Firefox and browser plugins have tried a lot to enable the colour change of the signature but failed to do so. Now Google’s software has finally made it possible and the users can see a custom rich text editor just like in Gmail’s compose mode. With the help of this new feature, people can change the color, alter the font and even insert images and links in their signature.

To change your signature in Gmail, click on “Settings,” and scroll down to the “Signature” section. You’ll see a new signature editor which contains the same functions that are at your disposal when you compose an e-mail.

In addition to that users can now use varied signatures for different email addresses. The new feature will allow users to send mails to every email address in their account with a distinct signature.

To customize signatures for particular addresses, users can edit the signature for each account from the Settings page by changing them.


Nokia To Provide Free Handsets To Villagers

Nokia is all set to provide free phones to over 500 households in five villages of Uttar Pradesh as part of its 15 years celebration.

Celebrating its 15 years in India, popular handset producer Nokia is all set to launch Ujjwal, a project aimed to provide 100 per cent household mobility in 5 villages in Raebareli, Uttar Pradesh. As part of the project Nokia today said it would provide free phones, preloaded with Nokia Ovi Life Tools which contain information on agriculture, education and entertainment, to over 500 households in five villages of Uttar Pradesh.

Nokia said the initiative aims at driving inclusive growth and pushing socio-economic development in the region through mobile connectivity.

According to Nokia India Managing Director D Shivakumar, rural consumers through Ovi services will be able to access information related to weather forecasts, crop advisory services like information on probable diseases, weather-based disruptions and tips for successful harvests.

In order to have a far reaching impact and to ensure the implementation of the project in the five villages, the company has tied up with Datamation Foundation, a dedicated NGO working in the area.

Now 15 “Extra”-Minutes On YouTube

YouTube has increased the video length limit from the current 10 minutes to 15 minutes starting from today.

Bowing down to user’s requests, popular online video sharing website YouTube has increased its video length limit from the current 1o minutes to 15 minutes. Previously YouTube first users could not upload clips that were longer than 10 minutes, in order to get away from the time-limit users uploaded videos by splitting up shows into 10-minute separate entries.To promote the change, YouTube is asking users to create their own “15 Minutes of Fame” videos. Users will be asked to submit videos with a 15-minute mark in length, and the winning entries will be featured on the homepage. The deadline to submit a “15 Minutes” video is Aug. 4. Tag it “yt15minutes” and the winners will have their videos featured on the YouTube homepage.

And users who have had their videos rejected for being too long will have to go into “My Videos” and delete the video before trying to upload it again.

Indiatimes Introduces New Social Networking Site

Facebook and Twitter better be geared up for competition on the social networking line with the release of a desi social networking site.

In a first ever attempt to revolutionize social networking through mobiles; Indiatimes today has announced the launch of Hibuddy, the first ever voice social networking and blogging service for mobile users. Users just have to call 58888199 and create their voice channel, through which they can connect to millions of other users, with similar interests. Therefore, users looking for social networking, no longer need to be connected to the internet, and can easily find friends right from their mobile phones

In addition to that users have the option to voice blog, where users can showcase their talent on voice, in terms of sharing jokes, shayari, astrology, stock tips or anything they feel they are good at. Now the others users, who are looking for this content, will be following these channels, to enjoy the content, making it a complete C2C continuum. All in all, users can do a host of activities like singing songs, listening to shayari, giving opinions on latest movies and join groups/forums of similar interests with friends and potential friends.

Hibuddy also offers a variety of channels that will entertain and appeal to the youth. The service that is currently available in reliance network will soon be extended to all other networks.

PayPal Suspends Electronic Withdrawal Facility For Indian Users

PayPal users in India will be asked to use Cheque withdrawal instead of electronic withdrawals for their funds.PayPal has announced the removing the electronic withdrawal functionality for Indian users from August 1, 2010. The only option would be to request for a withdrawal of funds by cheque. According to PayPal, this decision had to be taken in accordance with “regulatory instructions”. PayPal stated that while the company is working towards restoring the facility it has the alternative options in place for future payments which is the cheque payment process. The company is ready to waive the $5 USD cheque withdrawal fee to for cheque withdrawals made from July 29, 2010 onwards, it said.

For users who have been using the electronic withdrawal facility, here is how to request for a cheque withdrawal:

* Log into your PayPal account, click on ‘Withdraw’.
* Click on the ‘Request a cheque from PayPal’ link.
* Enter the withdrawal amount and select your mailing address, then click ‘Continue’.
* Click ‘Submit’ to confirm your request.

This is second such announcement that has affected Indians using PayPal service. In February, PayPal announced the suspension transactions to and from India. However, the order was restored after it announced the resumption of the payment services a few weeks later. That was after the Reserve Bank of India gave a green signal to restart bank withdrawals for settlements for exports of goods and services.

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